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Family Mission Statement. Simplified.

how to use your family mission statement

· Hang it where everyone will see it every day

· Pause and notice it once in a while. Read it and remember why each particular phrase is included.

· Financial Decisions · When you are thinking about a purchase run it through your FMS filter. If adventure is a high priority for your family you may want to pass on purchasing the expensive sweater that caught your eye in order to save for a trip.

· Parenting Decisions/Discipline · There will be many ways you can use your FMS. 

Examples: Your teenage son asks to take a solo camping trip. Yikes! He’ll be out of cell range. It’s a long way from home…. But, your FMS reminds you that you value Nature, Adventure, and Fun. Hmmm…YES! 

Or, your daughter resists quitting her video game marathon to help pack meals at Feed My Starving Children. A quick chat about how your family is all about generosity, gratitude, and service gets her off the couch.

There are endless examples. I can’t wait to hear yours.

· Enjoy the reminder of your family’s uniqueness-the things that make you who you are. Remind each other: this is how we roll. You’ll feel like you’re in a special club.